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What I Bought

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When I decided to Trust God for a new home in a red-hot housing market, I had some specific features I was looking for. My old house was 3 bedrooms but it functioned as one because I used one bedroom as my home office and the master bedroom was my sewing studio. I wanted 4 bedrooms so I could use one as a home office and still have guest rooms for out-of-town friends and family emergencies.

I also wanted a bonus room that I could turn into my creative studio for all of my fabric, sewing machines, hat-making stuff, beads, etc.

I also wanted a formal dining room. My old house had a breakfast area that was in the same room as the kitchen. For the last few years I’d actually been using that room as a sitting area and it became my favorite cozy little space in the house.

I also wanted a backyard that I could eventually create an outdoor garden space in. My old house was a zero lot and had very little space in the back and that sloped downward so it wasn’t usable for many things.

My big ask was a traditional layout with separate rooms. I’m not a fan of completely open living spaces where the kitchen, living, and dining area are all one big room. I love having distinct spaces that can be styled differently if I choose to. This was a very hard ask here in the South where the open floorplan has taken over most of what’s being built commercially.

After looking at many houses and putting contracts on some that did not get accepted, I saw a house hit the market that had the basics of what I was looking for. I texted my agent and I went to see it later that day. After about 20 minutes, I knew it was just the project I needed.

Sidebar > I don’t buy completed, all buttoned-up houses. For some reason, I always go in looking at what I can change and what I can turn it into. #CreativeProblems

Here are some photos of the house as it was when I viewed it:

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