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Kitchen Problems

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I’m a kitchen person. One of the things I loved about my previous home was the kitchen. I built it and paid extra to get the maple cabinets which came with pullout trays on the bottom, crown molding, and fluted molding on either side of the range hood. The new kitchen had oak cabinets of which I am NOT a fan at all. #MyTaste

The other issue was that my old kitchen had a large pantry that was about 6 ft wide. Just off the kitchen in the laundry room I also had a walk-in utility closet where I stored brooms, vacuum, mixer, blender, toaster, etc. The new house only had a narrow closet with shelves in the laundry room that the previous owner was using as a pantry. To me, it made more sense to use that as a utility space to store light bulbs and whatnot.

When I moved and started un-packing I quickly noticed that I ran out of cabinet space. I still had 8 boxes of stuff with nowhere to put it. The kitchen room was large but there were only cabinets on 2 sides plus the island. The breakfast area took up a large part of the space.

The other thing I found was that the base cabinets where not in good shape at all. Some of the drawer fronts had come off and the repair job was sloppily done with wood glue oozing out. The laminate counters were buckling where the corner joint met and there were burn holes on the island. There was also a stickyness that I could not scrub away. #Yuck

I decided to come up with a plan based on my budget to fix what I could now and plan for a full renovation later on. I’ll be sharing that next!

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