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making home.

Follow me on my journey to making home.

Hey Y’all – I’m Tonya and welcome to my brand new blog about home!

So last year I bought myself a project.  Technically it was a house, but it seems I buy on potential and what it could be so it’s definitely a project.  My friend Sylvia suggested I share my projects with the world so here we are. With this Blog + Instagram + YouTube channels, I’ll be sharing my design ideas, diy projects, decorate with me, and a few recipes thrown in for good measure. Thanks for stopping by!

Work With Me

One the game changers for my projects has been using my graphic design skills to create floorplans, mockups, and vision boards. It was especially helpful when working with contractors. Just verballing describing what I want leaves the possibility that what I’m thinking and what they’re thinking are not the same thing.

If you have a project and would like to visualize it to help your decision process or communicate your vision to others, I would be glad to assist you.

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