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Kitchen Demolition

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Now that I have a clear plan for the new kitchen, have sourced all the materials, it’s DEMO time!

I rely admire #TeamDOItYourself but for me and heavy duty construction, I’m #HireHelp. You see I hail from a family of all girls. My father is deceased, both of my grandfathers died before I was born, and I don’t have any uncles or male cousins on my Mom’s side. The other thing is that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money buying the tools I’d need to attempt this myself. I can do a lot of stuff myself, but removing and installing heavy wood cabinets was more than I felt comfortable doing alone.

What worked for me was to rely on my handyman that I’ve known for years who brough his crew and handled the demolition for me. They got everything removed and stored in the garage in a single day.

Check out the video on my YouTube channel:

Thanks for reading & watching!

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