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Work With Me

So my friend Sylvia said house stuff is one of my God-given talents so I should figure out how to make it into a business. I had no idea of how to do that. I thought about it for a loooonnnnng time. What came to mind is to offer the services that I use to make my projects go well.

Architectural Floorplans

Anytime you’re working with contractors or vendors, having a visual representation of your project can speed things along and ensure that they are 100% clear on what you’re trying to do. Layouts are also useful when you want to put what you have on your head down on paper. If you’re a creative techie – like many DIY’ers are – you can do this yourself. If you want to hire someone to do this for you – consider hiring me!

Wall Elevation Drafting

Wall elevations show a more detailed view of your project. It’s perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and any other spaces where what happens on the wall needs more attention.

Vision Boards & Product Sourcing

If you’re stumped on the creative direction for a design project and would like for me to design it for you, I’m here for you.