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Finding Cabinets – Part 2 – Facebook Marketplace

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Over the last year Facebook Marketplace had become my first stop when looking for anything for the house. I’d used it to find lighting, furniture, and decor items thus far. Not being 100% satisfied with the unfinished wood option, I decided to see what Facebook Marketplace had to offer in the kitchen cabinets. If I could find some quality used kitchen cabinets that were not oak at a great price, that would be a better option than the unfinished stock ones from a big box store.

On Facebook Marketplace, I found folks redoing their kitchens and selling all or part of their cabinets. Sometimes they would be selling the counters and sink too. I also saw some companies selling new cabinets on there as well. The key is to keep checking back as new listings can popup anytime. You can also setup alerts so that Facebook will let you know when someone posts new cabinets for sale.

If you see something you want, you need to act fast! The really good cabinets sell quick. I saw these cabinets post and this was exactly the type of high-end cabinets that I was hoping to find. I messaged the seller and arranged to come see the cabinets a few days later. I dreamed about my beautiful new kitchen with these cabinets and just knew they were for me. When I got there a few days later, there was someone else in front of me with a flatbed and $1900 ready to take them immediately. I lost out on them because I would have to get my handyman to pickup and deliver them. I was crushed…but I kept looking and I saw these cabinets post:

I knew the neighborhood these were being sold from was full of large homes in one of the more affluent suburbs so the cabinets would be of a good quality. I noticed they were the taller ones which I wanted and I could also tell by the appliances that were installed that this wasn’t a builder basic kitchen. Since I was only looking for cabinets to fill the blank wall, I knew these would be enough to do that.

I also noticed the cabinet housing the double wall ovens could probably be turned into a pantry with a little creativity and she was only asking $800 for the set. I message her and went to see them the next day. They were solid wood and I think they were custom built for the house because I didn’t see any brand markings on them anywhere.

Another thing I love about Facebook Marketplace is that most folks are willing to negotiate. I asked the seller if she would take $600 for them and she said Yes!!! #WontHeDoIt Added to that, her carpenter was onsite and he said he would deliver the cabinets to my house for $100 – deal! $700 for cabinets that probably cost $20k when they were first built. I ordered a PODS storage unit to hold them since my garage was still full of moving boxes.

Check out the video covering the design and cabinet selection on my YouTube channel:

Thanks for reading & watching!

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