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My Design Vision

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I had a clear vision of what I wanted this house to be – calm, peaceful, high style, and understated elegance with slick maximalist tendencies. The big plan is to layer onto each room over time. This time I’m in no rush to get everything done quickly. I enjoy the process and all the iterative versions of my spaces along the way.

Color Stories

In my old house I was always repainting walls in certain rooms based on the theme I wanted. There was one wall that went from the builder’s Autumn Wheat to Berry Red to Orange to Chocolate and then to Gray. The only room that I never painted was my peridot green kitchen/dining area which I love as much today as I did when I painted years ago. In my design aesthetic, green is a neutral and it can work with any theme. Plants are green so no matter what your color scheme, there will usually be some shade of green there. In this new house, the kitchen will again be green.

In my old house, my home office was painted a chocolate milk taupe/brown color and I loved it. It was very flexible because it make colorful artwork pop and could be very understated depending on what furnishings you used with it. In the new home I knew I wanted to use his color somewhere.

I LOVE color and I wanted the flexibility to use it – or not use it as I chose. I also like my home to look & feel different based on the time of year and I usually change the artwork, candles, rugs, curtains, pillows, and other accessories by the season.

Here are some inspiration pics I’ve been collecting. It’s not that I like everything about each pic, but there’s something about it that I like.

Stay Tuned – xoxo,

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